Suite & proper solution for multi business model
Suite & proper solution for multi business model
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Introduce Odoo
Odoo is an open source ERP software system; help businesses improve, improve business performance.
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Why Odoo?
Odoo is considered as the most powerful open source, cross-platform ERP system, with strong support from the international community.
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Odoo's Core modules
Odoo has more than 1000 functional modules including main modules of an ERP system such as: Manufacturing, Human Resources, Accounting, ...
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Quy trình làm việc
Step 1PrepareCustomers give request, necessary information related to the project. Synthesize details of the request; project planning; standardize process and data
Step 2Custom Configure, program, and customize the Odoo system to suit the customer's business process
Step 3Deploy Install modules, integrate data, test, guide, train system users. Realistic input, using customized functions to run everyday tasks
Step 4Support Carry out the warranty and maintenance of the system after acceptance. Manage, upgrade and develop the system according to customer requirements.
Dịch vụ của INIT
Consult - Support
Guide - Teach
Custom - Deploy
Integration - Upgrade
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